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Tirion -40.jpg


A fun and energetic workout class inspired by ballet, Pilates and yoga. With barre you get a full head to toe workout with sections focusing on activating your arms, thighs, seat and core. A dynamic class accessible to all, we’ll move together to build stability, mobility and balance.

Slow Flow

A calming yoga flow with focuses on breath and mobility. This session is an offering for you to welcome some gentle movement into your day. Let’s find rest and rejuvenation together. We will finish with a short and optional meditation practice.

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Men's Yoga

A class designed specifically to create space for men to practice yoga together. In this class we'll flow through basic yoga sequences, with options to build on strength and mobility throughout. All levels are welcome, including beginners. 

Awaken Yoga Flow

A session to move and flow through the body creatively with focuses on breath, strength and mobility. This class can be what you make it, with options to find the fire within, and moments to find rest and rejuvenation. All levels welcome. 

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